Faces of Violence: 1953 and Anti-Ahmadi Persecution
2D Animation/Motion Design

An animated documentary on the Majlis-e-Ahrar-led 1953 riots and their aftermath, which resulted in over 500 casualties - Ahrar, Ahmedis and police officials alike - and ended in Pakistan’s first ever martial law. While the Pakistani government reacted quickly to the threat rioters posed to law and order, it had a limited response to the root of the violence: the growing anti-Ahmadi hatred being cultivated by groups like the Ahrar. This ideological violence would continue to proliferate even after 1953, eventually resulting in institutional marginalization of Ahmedis through the 2nd Amendment. An upbeat, acerbic explainer detailing the many ways in which groups and classes within South Asia, merchants and landlords included, actively chose to collaborate with the new overlords of the subcontinent - the British colonizers. As reward for their loyalty, vast swathes of land, monetary and trade privileges were granted to these collaborators. To this day, many of these elite classes continue to command power across India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Produced at Puffball Studios